Episode 94: Raising Tech Positive Kids

This episode is sponsored by Circle Round, WBUR iLab’s new storytelling podcast for kids and the grown-ups they love. Hop on over and subscribe and download. Ours is the first generation of parents to raise “digitally native” kids who’ve grown up using technology. As such, many of us struggle to balance the benefits of screen … [Click this link to continue reading…]

Episode 93: Helping Kids Handle Disappointment

We all know intellectually that kids learn from challenges, and they grow stronger and have more self-confidence when they learn to navigate those challenges. But when you’re actually going through it it’s hard, as a parent, to watch your kid struggle. It’s also hard to identify where the line is between reasonable struggle and a … [Click this link to continue reading…]

Episode 92: Media & Entertainment Favorites (Vol. 3)

The news has been relentlessly rough. And when things get stressful, diving into media and entertainment can actually serve as a form of self-care and also remind us that there are good, productive, kind, interesting people pumping creative work into the world. In Episode 92, Christine and Asha share about what they are listening to, … [Click this link to continue reading…]

Episode 91: Taking A Stand Against Hate

The violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA, followed by the troubling equivocal response from the White House, has trained a spotlight on hate groups and racism in America, both past- and present-day. In Episode 91, Christine and Asha share their personal reactions to Charlottesville plus what they are hearing from their communities. They go … [Click this link to continue reading…]

Episode 89: Raising Independent Kids

Independent kids. It’s what we’re all striving to raise, right? In Episode 89 of Edit Your Life, Christine talks to educator Amy Mascott about the summer juggle, the power of everyday learning (and how easy it actually is), and key tips for raising independent kids (including how to handle resistant kids). Click “play” above to … [Click this link to continue reading…]