Episode 102: Editing In Gratitude

High fives to our episode sponsor ChopChop! ChopChop is an award-winning cooking magazine designed to inspire and teach children and families to cook and eat real food together. For a limited time, order a 1-year subscription and get a ChopChop apron, for just $35! Practicing gratitude is one of the most reliable happiness habits. And … [Click this link to continue reading…]

Episode 92: Media & Entertainment Favorites (Vol. 3)

The news has been relentlessly rough. And when things get stressful, diving into media and entertainment can actually serve as a form of self-care and also remind us that there are good, productive, kind, interesting people pumping creative work into the world. In Episode 92, Christine and Asha share about what they are listening to, … [Click this link to continue reading…]