Episode 99: Favorite Productivity Apps

With the right apps on board, you can offset your smartphone’s tendency to distract by turning it into a powerhouse productivity tool. In Episode 99 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share 19 apps that help you work, live, and even grocery shop more efficiently. They crowdsourced this app collection with the help of their most productive Internet friends, all of whom are busy enough that they’ll only make time (and room on their phones) for apps that really do their jobs well. The biggest surprise? Some of the most productive people use the simplest apps. [Read more]

Episode 36: Editing In Passion Projects

Last week Christine and Asha were together in California at the Mom 2.0 Summit, and hit a very exciting first with the Edit Your Life podcast: they recorded together in the same room! Very fittingly given that they were together at Mom 2.0 Summit (where amazing bursts of creativity routinely happen and where they were … [Click this link to continue reading…]

Episode 31: Busting Through Paper Clutter

The never-ending nature of paper clutter — incoming mail, bills, and school papers — is both irritating and anxiety-provoking, and yet most of it can go straight into the recycle bin. In this episode of Edit Your Life, Asha interviews Erin Doland, Real Simple’s organizing columnist and author of the new book, Never Too Busy … [Click this link to continue reading…]