Episode 96: Downgrading Your Life

We upgrade tools and gadgets to improve or simplify our lives. But in an eye-opening New York Times piece, editor Pamela Paul pointed out that constant novelty and “feature clutter” can actually increase overwhelm. She went on to talk about how her intentional “downgrading” helped lend balance to her already sped-up life. In Episode 96 … [Click this link to continue reading…]

Episode 92: Media & Entertainment Favorites (Vol. 3)

The news has been relentlessly rough. And when things get stressful, diving into media and entertainment can actually serve as a form of self-care and also remind us that there are good, productive, kind, interesting people pumping creative work into the world. In Episode 92, Christine and Asha share about what they are listening to, … [Click this link to continue reading…]